01 April 2013

Es grünt so grün, wenn Spaniens Blüten blühen

The first time I was in Germany, I saw a very ... interesting ... version of My Fair Lady at the local State Theatre. It was a modern update. Eliza Doolittle was a street punk that stole the flowers she sold; Professor Higgins had a Terminator arcade game in his flat. The entire audience was shuffled out to the lobby to watch the ball scene happen around us. You get the picture. The songs have familiar melodies, but not-so-familiar words, even when translated into English. The line I remember the most vividly was "Es grünt so grün, wenn Spaniens Blüten blühen" -- or, "It 'greens' so green when Spain's blossoms bloom".

Not quite the rain in Spain.

But despite the evening not really turning out the way I expected it would when I bought my ticket, I still really enjoyed the experience as an experience.

The second time I was in Germany, I purchased several cross-stitch patterns because I was looking for a few pieces in the European style. It's rather different from what we see in the States. One of these was a leaflet with a simple spring flower design. The instructions are all in German, of course, and I don't actually know which floss system it used, but a chart is a chart no matter what language the prose is in.

I stitched up about half the design and turned it into a card over the weekend.

Published by Acufactum
Fabric & Floss: 28 ct Jobelan (Bluebell); DMC
Substitutions: 225, 310, 445, 772, 966, 3688, 3716, B5200

The weather has been very temperamental here recently, cold then warm then cold again. But despite that, in the meantime, in stitches at least, Spaniens Blüten blühen.